Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Progetto Filos

The main goal of this project is to provide an IT solution supporting some memory related capacities of elderlies so that they will be endowed with a longer period of life characterized by independence and activeness both in:
1. the physical sense, i.e. the capability to efficiently take care of their daily routine;
2. the social inclusion sense, i.e. taking care of daily routine elderlies will interact with many people and furthermore the system will make them aware of city events.
Consequently, FÍLOS project aims at fostering independence and autonomy in elderly people (without clinical signs of cognitive decline), by supporting their Working Memory (WM) and Prospective Memory (PM) capacities through the adoption of IT technology to aid memory (remember to remember), encourage the social life and eventual involvement into city life, enabling the extension of individual’s monitoring to cognitive aspects. FÍLOS extends the Use Cases of ACTIVAGE project related to the Silver Economy services provided by the pilot site of Valencia and WoQuaZ (Weiterstadt).