• Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
    Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT

    Solutions and Services for ICT

    Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
    Gruppo SIGLA
    Experience and Innovation
    Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
    Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
    Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
  • Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
    with the goal of creating Value
  • Gruppo SIGLA Genova - Soluzioni e Servizi per l'ICT
    We provide qualified consulting and services
    on technologies and business processes
    of the Customer.

Our Offer

Gruppo SIGLA operates for several years in the IT field as a system integrator and provides skills and technologies in 9 different application areas. There are many sectors in which we achieved significant experiences. The offer is complemented by a division that deals with Research and Innovation, in order to maintain skills and to encourage our Customers to a constant growth.

The Sectors in which We Are Present

Trasporti e Logistica

Transport and Logistics

We design, build and manage systems for medium and large transport Companies, via road, rail and sea.

Siderurgia e Metallurgia

Steelmaking and Metallurgy

In this area we are a key partner for the provision of design, configuration, development and commissioning services.

Elettronica e Chimica

Electronics and Chemical

We particularly provide BI, CRM, Ticketing and IT Service Management systems, and development of ad hoc applications.

Ingegneria e ICT

Engineering and ICT

We have over thirty years skills, with in-depth knowledge of both functional and technological expertise.



We have a rich experience of implementation, installation and commissioning projects, both in Italy and abroad.



Mastery of CRM and Ticketing processes led us to gain experience in this field also for the Finance sector.

Utility e Servizi

Utilities and Services

We offer efficient and reliable tools, needed to streamline costs, promote the quality of service and improve customer relationships.

Pubblica Amministrazione

Public Administration

We have been operating for years in this field, by offering powerful technological tools, flexible and adaptable to individual needs.



In this sector we have significant experience in the context of Research and Innovation projects, as well as in CRM and BI systems.



The projects we realized are based on ITSM Gaming solution, fruit of our experience in this area and our know-how in ITSM process management.

Who We are

We are a private Genoese Company with high skill and experience in the field of Information Technology, which designs and develops software solutions for Companies and Public Insittutions: working mailny for large Customers with offices in Genoa and Liguria, in the rest of Italy and abroad.
our skills cover the entire life cycle of a project.


In the Foreground

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