Activation of a railway system in Poland

As part of the collaboration with a prestigious company, which operates in the areas of telecommunications and transport, Gruppo SIGLA participated in the activation of the main railway system in Poland on line controlled by the public operator PKP-PLK. The system is monitored by Polish operators and manages the stations of Glowno, Domaniewice and adjacent sections, about 120 km from Warsaw.

Within this project, Gruppo SIGLA worked on the logic of movement and control of the system and its subsystems. It was also developed a tool based on Autocad 2016 that assists the designer during the panning of the station. With this software, the operator is able to draw the entire system, by inserting along the line the desired entities (switches, signals, CdB, joints etc ..) and consequently generating the conditions tables, containing the routes permissions and the configuration files ready for installation in the control cabinets.

Based on the design created, it is then generated the bright panel, which is the interface of the system that will serve the operators to send commands directly in the field. It displays the entire schematic plan of the system, decomposed into different types of symbols, associated with physical and logical entities of the square. Each type of symbol takes shape and color different to the agency's status to which it is associated, allowing the operator even faster response to any malfunction or failure.

Downstream of this project was therefore possible to automate management processes and control of the stations which until then were performed manually by Polish operators.


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