Training activities in the first quarter 2016

Gruppo SIGLA remains committed to providing added value to its customers through highly qualified training. In particular since the beginning of the year the following activities have already been made:

  • ITIL Courses
    In a major Italian company that operates in the areas of defense, aerospace and security it was necessary to train on ITIL Intermediate - Service Transition, about 30 resources belonging to different business functions and spread over the Genoese and Roman territory. This specialized training is provided in partnership with Quint Wellington Redwood Italy, which allows us to provide a quality and highly competitive service. It has developed a training plan on ITIL Intermediate - Service Transition and were made three sessions of course, two with headquarters in Genoa and one Rome-based. The customer has achieved the goal of certifying thirty employees on Service Transition Module.
  • JAVA, Ajax, JSON, jQuery Courses
    Another training project we are doing is for a company that deals with urban hygiene. The need is to train some employees on Java and Ajax-JSON-jQuery development languages. Thanks to the internal expertise, we have developed a training plan that includes just the realization of both courses. Right now we are operating at the headquarters of the Customer for Java course and in May will begin the Ajax-JSON-jQuery course.


Administrative Data

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