Industry 4.0

Gruppo SIGLA has numerous application skills in the field of industrial and in particular in the sectors: Steelmaking and Metallurgy, Electronics, Chemical, Energy, Transport and Logistics.

Especially, we are able to propose data connections and integration projects in IoT, Big Data Analysis using advanced Data Mining Algorithms, Augmented Reality Vision Systems, Cyber Security Solutions, ...

We have important experience in the implementation of simulators and Decision Support System (DSS) to advocate for production processes and for operations optimization of transaction costs, by using models that allow maintenance management in predictive mode. In addition, we have made several interesting experiences in the field of energy efficiency and environmental monitoring.

Furthermore, thanks to the attention that has always been given to innovation, we are able to propose projects that use the enabling technologies required by the National Industrial Plan 4.0 and, through partnership with Certification Bodies, we can follow the whole lifecycle of an Industry 4.0 project, from the certification required to finance, from design to implementation.


Administrative Data

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