Claims Management Portal

For a prestigious Customer, leader in the energy market, Gruppo SIGLA has developed a web portal for computerization of claims management, related to customers in a state of neglect. The application allows monitoring of customers who are covered by an insurance policy, but who have unusual invoices that could lead to a condition of critical negligence. The purpose is to verify, in accordance with particular criteria, the need to open a claim for such situations within the time limits specified in the policy, in order to obtain compensation from the Insolvency Company for the unpaid credit.

Following the complaint and the consequent opening of the practice, the system allows to monitor the evolution of the credit situation by notifying and keeping track of:

  • Issues of new invoices
  • Total or partial payment of a reported invoice
  • Issuance of credit note

In addition, a file archiving system has been developed that allows it to be consulted, including all data relating to the various states of the procedure. Through the portal it is also possible to manage return plans with payment delays for claim practices, by scheduling deadlines, and subsequently monitoring payment situations. In particular, the user may enter dates for a rate with their respective amounts and any notes, and will be informed promptly of the deadlines of the various rates. Finally, the system automatically maintains alignment with the billing database, updating delays and payments information.


Administrative Data

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  • R.E.A.  /  360227

  • Tax Code  /  11668330159

  • VAT  /  01180940999

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