Document Management System

An important Company that operates nationally as a trustee of several foreign insurance companies, has decided to modernize its document management system, installed by Gruppo SIGLA in 2005.

Following this decision, the Customer asked for support to Gruppo SIGLA for selecting a document management system with appropriate functionalities: the choice fell on the product Wam 3.0 by Faber System (of which Gruppo SIGLA is a partner), that Customer decided to install on Premise.

WAM 3.0 is the latest release of the integrated platform WAM (Web Archive Management) for Archiving, Legal Conservation, Workflow Management and Multichannel Document Delivery that allow to perform the digitalization and the Legal Conservation of any document format, by removing paper and reducing search and management costs. WAM, fully web accessible, without any impact on company structure, simplifies and automates any document process.


Administrative Data

  • C.C.I.A.A.  /   11668330159

  • R.E.A.  /  360227

  • Tax Code  /  11668330159

  • VAT  /  01180940999

  • Share Capital  /  € 81.600,00