B2B electronic invoicing

B2B electronic invoicing is increasingly a reality. If until yesterday only the PA providers were obliged to send invoices in electronic format, in the near future the process of electronic invoices will also be extended to private parties. The electronic invoice is a document in digital XML format (eXtensible Markup Language) that replaces traditional paper invoices and those in the common PDF format, and which can enjoy numerous advantages in terms of savings, efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability. The obligation will initially concern the sectors of the supply of petrol and diesel for engines and that of subcontracts under public procurement contracts. In fact, for them, the duty will be in force from 1 July 2018. The companies of all the other sectors that carry out B2B operations will be affected by the obligation starting from 1 January 2019. The B2B electronic invoices will always travel through the National Interchange System, ie the channel in which the invoices are already passing through electronic devices for the public administration. This digital control center, managed by the Revenue Agency, has the task of verifying the conformity of the data contained in the electronic invoice and of delivering it to the correct recipient. Beyond this date any invoice issued in a manner other than electronic will lose the tax value and will be considered as not issued, thus incurring heavy penalties.

Gruppo SIGLA, thanks to the partnership with Faber System, is able to support its customers in all phases of the process: conversion of the file into XML, file validation, digital signature, transmission and notification of reception status, replacement storage, etc. Integrations with SAP and other ERPs are also available.

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