Gruppo SIGLA participates in Exposanità

Gruppo SIGLA, together with Smartex, will be on April 18 and 19 at Exposanità, the International Exhibition at the service of Health and Care, the most important event in the sector in Italy. Our participation is aimed at the presentation of the FrailSafe project, recently inserted by the European Union in the Innovation Radar Platform among the research projects with high innovative potential.

FrailSafe brings together partners from Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Cyprus. To achieve the objectives, FrailSafe will combine state of the art information technologies and data mining techniques with high-level expertise in the field of health and ageing. The project, funded by the European Research Programme Horizon 2020, aims to reduce human frailty through the development of a series of measures and instruments, along with recommendations to delay its onset. Generally the term weakness refers to a condition of vulnerability of the elderly, characterized by a high risk of health event or even death, if particular stress incur. The fragility can only be physical, psychological or a combination of both.

The commitment of Gruppo SIGLA within FrailSafe focuses in particular on the implementation of a eCRF system that is responsible for collecting, streamline and manage clinical data of each patient, according to the project requirements.


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