Gruppo SIGLA at Droidcon Italy 2019

Gruppo SIGLA will be present on April 4th and 5th at Droidcon, the largest event dedicated to the Android operating system. The event that will take place in Turin, in the Officine Nord spaces of the new OGR, will be full of meetings, workshops and opportunities for companies and participants. Developers, creatives and producers will come together to present and discuss innovative projects and ideas, based on the Mountain View giant's operating system.

The Android experts of Gruppo SIGLA will participate to discuss mobility issues, and in particular to present the GetMyChargingPole app, an innovative mobile application on the Android platform for the search / localization of EV's charging infrastructure (ie "Electric Vehicle") and for interaction with them. The app, created in collaboration with the Helsinki pilot partners (AALTO University, Helsinki Virium Forum, Control Things, Parking Energy, AvroraSoft), presents multiple innovative elements, in particular linked to interaction with the ecosystem (among others the use of the O-MI / O-DF protocol, the MIST-WISH security system) and the one between the driver and the telephone (experimentation using voice assistant).

Gruppo SIGLA has recently released a new version of the application, which has the following features:

  • Integration with Android Auto
  • Identification of the charging stations by QR recognition
  • Availability for Google Assistant in order to allow vocal researches of closest charging stations
  • Implementation of some Firebase custom events for statistical purposes (in respect of driver privacy)
  • Adoption as standard for data exchange with servers the OMI/ODF protocols by Open Group
  • Optimization of the display of parking facilities and reloading on the map, via clusterization


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