In order to support its customers in the process digitalization, Gruppo SIGLA has partnered with Openwork, Software Vendor, which produces technologies for the development of enterprise-class software applications based on process logics. Founded in 1999, Openwork helps organizations to innovate business processes with Business Process Management technologies, creating application development platforms that use visual languages, conceptual and organizational models, to replace the code..

The phenomenon of Enterprise 4.0 has given a shock to Italian industry, transferring to companies the importance of innovating and adapting to changes to remain competitive; but very often digital transformation is associated with a net change in tools and habits, as well as important economic efforts. Thanks to the Jamio openwork platform, Gruppo SIGLA is able to propose an innovative approach that accompanies companies towards a change of direction without upsetting the present, adopting logic and technologies able to integrate with the company organization in a rapid, non-invasive way and above all at sustainable costs.

Jamio openwork is a Business Platform that responds to many application development needs and allows the creation, use and sharing of enterprise-class software applications, exceeding the limits of individual productivity tools, and exploiting the power of the cloud; these capabilities allow it to revolutionize the traditional paradigms of designing and developing applications. The platform is able to: manage users and organizational structures / manage data and documents / automate processes / create solutions for case management and data analysis.

The solutions developed with Jamio openwork immediately become available via:

  • Web access with any type of browser or any smartphone or tablet using Jamio On Stage (Web and Mobile)
  • Access from other applications through the web services exposed by Jamio solutions or custom front-ends.

The use of the platform does not force the organization to "adapt" to a predefined vertical solution, but rather allows it to create its own application solution, starting from scratch or modifying and evolving existing solutions, in compliance with their requirements. This allows to reduce the time-to-value without upsetting the way the organization works, or to lose the value of investments already made.

Jamio openwork is a high productivity ecosystem, consisting of:

  • Jamio Composer, the authoring application for modeling Jamio application solutions
  • PaaS, the application services execution environment available in the cloud
  • Jamio On Stage, the universal interface for accessing solutions running and available on smartphones, tablets or any web browser

The ecosystem consists of software services orchestrated according to the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Event Driven Architecture (EDA), each specialized in the execution of different functionalities. Thanks to its ecosystem of software components, Jamio openwork is able to support different models of implementation and delivery of a solution.


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