New release of the GetMyChargingPole app

Gruppo SIGLA, thanks to a cooperation among the partners of pilot of Helsinki (AALTO University, Forum Virium Helsinki, Control Things, Parking Energy, AvroraSoft), has released at the end of October 2018 a first new version of the application GetMyChargingPole and is after releasing a second one at the end of December 2018. GetMyChargingPole is an innovative mobile application on an Android platform for the research/localization of infrastructures of EV recharge (as "Electric Vehicle") and interactions among them.

There have been several interesting implementations, the most relevant are::

  • Research, localization and visualization locate and visualize, visualizations on infrastructure maps regarding vehicle parking and (parkings for all types of vehicles, and points of recharge for electrical vehicles);
  • Advanced visualization, technical details of the identified infrastructures;
  • Management of favorite users;
  • Reservation management, enabling recharge and payments (through SMS);
  • Integration of functional safety systems to enable further reservations and payment systems;
  • Design and implementation of the app’s graphics.

Throughout the developments of GetMyChargingPole, there has been a integration of the app with the structures and the formats of the project BIoTope (of which GetMyCargingPole takes part). This has brought to a deep study of the protocols O-MI/O-DF and to the configuration of the server nodes and of the necessary services to implement the use.

Further developments and testings will take place in the next months, where in particular we will proceed to the development of further functionalities with high innovation potential, related to data analysis, safety in IOT sector and implementation in services using BOT technologies with vocal assistance.


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