Three new research projects

The participation of Gruppo SIGLA in three new research projects confirms the company's constant commitment to developing innovative and sustainable solutions.

In particular, Gruppo SIGLA coordinates the two-year "PICK-UP" project (IoT sensors integration platform for the control of energy KPIs in the Urban area and the planning of energy efficiency interventions and integration with microgrids). The project involves the creation of innovative tools for the energy and environmental assessment of heterogeneous urban districts, aimed at reducing energy consumption and their environmental impact.

Gruppo SIGLA is also part of a consortium that develops the project "Iot Technologies for the Marine Environment" (TIAMO). The project includes both industrial research and experimental development activities, aimed at the design and development of an innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) system focused on providing services in the marine environment. The system will be based on the design of new tools aimed at the safety of navigation in coastal areas and marine protected areas and the study of innovative sensors for the observation of water status.

The third project concerns the development of the GetMyChargingPole mobile application and was funded by the European Horizon 2020 BIoTope program. The project idea stems from the need to extend one of the use cases of the BIoTope project, namely the one dedicated to the Smart Mobility of the city of Helsinki. The app, on Android platform, is dedicated to those who own an electric vehicle, in order to support the management of charging processes and interaction with local infrastructure, both parking and electric charging. GetMyChargingPole, in addition to integrating with the highly innovative BIoTope system, will be able to move towards some of the next evolutions of the vehicle-smart grid interaction systems, thanks to dedicated interoperability protocols. In addition, the functionality of interaction between mobile and in-car systems will be implemented through both the use of the Google voice assistant and the features of the Android Auto system for integration between phone and vehicle. The development activities will be carried out by Gruppo SIGLA in close collaboration with the Aalto University of Helsinki and with the city partners (municipal offices and participating companies).


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