Partnership with ABB for work safety solutions

The close collaboration between Gruppo SIGLA and ABB continues with a partnership agreement for the resale, the realization of projects and customer assistance for what concerns the SafetyAPP safety work solution. In particular, as a System Integrator, Gruppo SIGLA takes care of customizing and integrating the product according to the specific needs of the Customer, as well as supporting it for any further need (training, technical assistance, ...).

The application of ABB, which is part of the Ability suite of solutions, has allowed to signal, since it was born, many dangerous situations and has considerably reduced the number of serious accidents in Europe. Designed in 2014, SafetyApp allows industrial workers to quickly indicate risks, simplifying the procedure for reporting, monitoring and managing hazardous situations. At the same time, people's awareness of the issue of security increases. From a slippery floor to exposed cables, to other dangerous practices, employees can make known, through the app downloaded on their smartphone, any risk observed at work, without having to wait to go back to their desks. It is also possible to take a picture and describe the dangerous situation in a few lines. When the report is sent, the app informs the company's security manager, who reassigns it for termination with a defined deadline. While standard risk reporting procedures involve the burdensome compilation of paper documents, which inevitably discourage people's involvement and provide only a partial image of corporate security, the introduction of the SafetyAPP allows to obtain a capillary and traceable view of the security risks of the various company offices.


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