Prescriptive Analysis Projects with Data Mining Tools

Gruppo SIGLA has recently completed several advanced analysis projects, using innovative Data Mining tools such as the Rulex platform. More specifically, Rulex technology not only offers the possibility to build models to predict future business scenarios (Predictive Analytics), but also allows to understand, through the development of simple rules, why certain actions will occur, allowing companies to take data-driven decisions for the future (Prescriptive Analytics).

In particular, the projects developed concern the following areas:

  • Churn Profiling (Customer Abandonment Rate) for Customers in the manufacturing sector
  • Extraction of the risk profile of investments and implementation of the prescriptive model for Customers in the finance sector
  • Implementation of the model for sales forecasts segmented by product for customers in the retail sector
  • Profiling of the good payer and the bad payer and realization of the prescriptive model of the risk profile for the customers of the energy sector


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