New App for AMT Genova

Gruppo SIGLA participated in the implementation of the new app that AMT, the Genoa Mobility and Transport Company, has made available to its Users to introduce new models of use of the service, facilitate access to information, dematerialize travel tickets, exploit technology at the service of better public transport.

The two versions of the app, for Android and iOS, developed by Gruppo SIGLA using Java and Swift respectively, were launched in February and May. By 1 August, 54,000 installations and 12,000 of the second have already been carried out of the first, with an average of 340 and 200 downloads per day.

The new app not only maintains the functionality of the previous version, which already had a great success in terms of user satisfaction and downloads (around 550.000 between Android and iOS), but it further improves the performance and type of content offered. Starting from the main page, the user can search for the nearest stop, get information about the timetables of the urban lines and the next transits on a stop or read the news on the AMT service, all through a few taps on the screen. Among the innovations, there are also the new purchase options to be made directly from the app: not only can you continue to buy the normal ticket via SMS, but you can add the ticket for lifts and the mini web booklet in the two versions, buses and lifts. Within the app, the most common and easy to implement functionalities, such as some interactive maps created using Google's APIs, are combined with others less common and more difficult to implement, such as voice search or scanning of the present barcode. about the subscription to get the identity information.


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