Cybersecurity Event

On November 22nd, at the NH Collection Genova Marina Hotel, a meeting was held between numerous professionals on the subject of Cybersecurity, organized by Gruppo SIGLA.

During the day, Gruppo SIGLA highlighted how Cybersecurity should be addressed not in a sectorial way, considering only the technological aspect. Instead, it is necessary to evaluate all the different company components (people, processes, policies, technologies, regulations, ...) that can be involved and, consequently, integrate the best solutions in order to ensure a safe company protection. Gruppo SIGLA, given its many years of System Integrator experience and considerable IT and OT skills, presented its interdisciplinary vision of Cybersecurity and therefore the need to intervene with different solutions / products that can be appropriately integrated to solve the various security problems of the 'company. Therefore, some market leader vendors, Proofpoint, Infoblox, Nozomi and Stormshield, intervened and presented different and complementary solutions for IT security.

All the speakers' interventions were very appreciated, as well as the final presentation that illustrated, with a real-time demo, the various technologies orchestrated in order to collaborate to optimize the protection of an integrated IT and OT environment. There were numerous participants who represented over twenty major companies operating both in the service and industry sectors, and who identified multiple ideas for future projects that are already planned, and to improve the current IT infrastructure coverage, and to address the emerging security request related to OT environments.


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