Gruppo SIGLA finalist in the Trillium II Prize

Recently Gruppo SIGLA participated as a finalist in the Trillium II Prize competition, held in Finland. This is an award that was established within the European Trillium II Project, to promote awareness and innovative use by companies and healthcare organizations of the FHIR standard, defined within the International Patient Summary (IPS). The International Patient Summary is a set of standards (compiled by the HL7 standardization body for health data and interoperability between health systems) that indicates a series of patient health information, and that allows access and transmission of such information in case of emergency or unplanned treatments, wherever and when necessary.

Gruppo SIGLA was invited by the President of the HL7, with whom he worked in close contact, to present the FrailSafe Project which brings together partners from different European countries. The project, funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 Framework Program for research and innovation, has set itself the goal of reducing human frailty and delaying its onset by developing a series of measures and tools, demonstrating its interoperability with IPS, to share key data between health systems. To achieve its goals, FrailSafe combines the most innovative ICT technologies that use data mining techniques, with high level skills in the field of health and aging.


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