Final release of the GetMyChargingPole app

On the 10th of May 2019 Gruppo SIGLA released the final version of the GetMyChargingPole app for Android onto the Google Play Store Beta channel.

After the previous release, the app was improved, and some new features were added, most of all for what releates the User Experience aspects regarding the interactions of the users with the map and the features of searching of parking and charging facilities. Furthermore, experimentations were performed on Android Auto and with the Google Actions, for whom a limited version of the app mobile features have been implemented and published on the Google Play Store Alpha Channel.

The project were presented during the month of April at the DroidCon Italy 2019 in Turin, and at the Open Group Conference in Dublin, as part of the Professor Framling’s presentation.The results of the project will be presented officially at the final Conference of the bIoTope project’s Helsinki pilot on the 21st of May 2019 in Helsinki. Gruppo SIGLA srl will be present supporting the colleagues of the Aalto University and Forum Virium Helsinki.

The app finally enters into the company’s assets and it will be the starting point for new projects and evolutions, in particular those based on Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning).


Administrative Data

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