A symphony is better than a solo

The topic of cybersecurity is particularly complex and cannot be guided by a sectorial vision and limited to the technological aspect only. Therefore, the best solution is a holistic approach, which simultaneously leverages on people, processes, policies, technologies and regulations. It is with this vision that Gruppo SIGLA, with its many years of experience as a system integrator with high IT and OT skills, is a partner able to support its customers in the orchestration of the various technologies that contribute to company security.

During the day 4 technologies of market leading vendors in their sector will be presented, covering different perimeters of a computer security project:

    Awareness and training of users to security problems through an advanced e-learning platform.
    Security against DNS attacks which is one of the fastest growing attack vectors.
    Real-time visibility solution able to defend the OT plants and company infrastructures.
    Protocol-level security through a specialized hardware firewall for OT networks.
Participation in the event is FREE, upon registration, and subject to confirmation by the Organizing Secretariat.


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