Prototype for Naval Simulator

Gruppo SIGLA has created for a prestigious customer a prototype of a software application that allows the graphic representation of the algorithms for managing flows of people within a naval scenario. The software consists of a simulator that is used to predict the behavior, in different environments and scenarios, of people (crew and passengers) inside a cruise ship.

The prototype is based on an Agent model, conceived with a modular and flexible architecture, which realistically simulates the operating procedures that require the evaluation of the movements of people inside the ship expressed in terms of time, congestion and flow logics. . The possible contexts of application are the following:

  • Evacuation procedures analysis (both in the planning stage and in the operational stage);
  • Restoration procedures analysis;
  • Health risk assessment;
  • Fire-fighting procedures analysis.

Thanks to the potential of agent modeling, it is possible to simulate the behavior of people inside the ship with precision, flexibility and realism. Complex behaviors such as the creation of queues, congestions and gatherings can be simulated through the definition of individual rules that dynamically take into account the sense of time, space, one's position within the structure, obstacles and other agents, others external stimuli and imposed rules.

Furthermore, it is possible to configure the type of simulation (Evacuation, Contagion, ... even with different time lengths) or parameters such as the speed of time advancement. An Evacuation-type configuration has the purpose of reaching certain meeting areas inside the ship (and configurable) by all passengers within a certain time interval. The configuration of a contagion-type simulation, on the other hand, aims to study the health of the ship's passengers as a function of time.

The next step is to make this prototype a professional application, equipped with data import and user friendly configuration of the different possible scenarios.


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