Airport Link Automation in Australia

Gruppo SIGLA recently acquired an important project for the automation of a new electrified railway line that connects the eastern suburb of Perth in Forrestfield (Australia) to the city.

The dual-track line has a length of 8.5 km, and most passes under a metropolitan tunnel, and connects with the existing Midland line north of the current Bayswater station. In addition to the analysis and drafting of the specifications, Gruppo SIGLA will carry out the configuration of the HMI for the new SCADA (TSS) Tunnel and Station system relating to the FAL (Forrestfield Airport Link) Project. More specifically, it will deal with:

  • realize the software of the new TSS operator panel;
  • configure the HMI software for local booths;
  • update and integrate the new TSS HMI system into the existing HMI.

All HMIs, as well as integration with existing HMI systems, will be carried out using Schneider Electric's Citect SCADA. In particular, the part of integration with the pre-existing SCADA will be carried out in the final stages of the project on site, and will give the possibility to remotely control all the metropolitan railway infrastructure.


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