Cybersecurity Joint Lab

In April 2020 Gruppo SIGLA and CIPI “Interuniversity Research Center on Computer Platform Engi-neering” - whose partners are Universities of Genova, Padova and Sassari and with administrative headquarter located at DIBRIS of University of Genova - signed an agreement to formalize the already active collaboration and make it evolve futherly by creating a joint laboratory focused on Cybersecurity and with Prof. Mauro Migliardi as the scientific director.

Year after year, this topic is increasing its presence across public debates and research, industrial dis-cussions and activities for the impacts caused on today's society. The joint laboratory aims at address-ing various aspects related to Cyber-Security panorama: from applications and problems in IT and OT worlds, to the Internet of Things, to Distributed Ledger and BlockChain, to the impacts on Software Engineering and to Smart Cities challenges.

This collaboration therefore aims to deepen the cooperation between university and company by carry-ing out both research activities in this area and activating virtuous processes of technology transfers and knowledge sharing for enriching both parties via constant dialogue between their components - involving technicians, researchers, students, managers. Taking advantage of the convergence between research and industry, the objective is also to pomote the joint participation both to funded projects (e.g. actual Horizon 2020 and the forthcoming Horizon Europe) and to spin-offs and start-ups to promote young graduates and PhDs entrepreneurship.


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