Final Event of the ITS ITALIA 2020 Project

The monitoring and control of road infrastructures often represent the only viable solutions for solving traffic and safety problems. In fact, building new infrastructures is sometimes impossible, if not entirely unsustainable from both the orography of the territory and the economic point of view. The digital alternative, on the other hand, is based on increasing the efficiency of the existing infrastructure through the use of the most modern ICT technologies, thus giving life to the so-called Intelligent Transport Systems. The ITS ITALIA 2020 project is placed in this context, which aims to create a service platform for the logistics chain intended not only as transport carriers but also as network infrastructure (interchange nodes, freight terminals, road infrastructure, tunnels, etc. ..).

Within the SIGLA Group project, she developed an application for monitoring the tunnels, using dedicated dashboards. The application allows you to monitor the status of the infrastructures and sensors installed, manage and view alarms and events, and analyze the data collected from heterogeneous devices using graphs, thus providing the ability to promptly intervene in any emergency situations. The aim is to increase traffic safety levels, responding to the following needs: traffic regulation, user information, driver assistance, safety in tunnels. The application fits, providing its contribution in terms of advanced services and interfaces, within a complex architecture.

The final event of the project will be held online on November 18 at 10:30 am, which will see the actors involved present the final results, discuss on the enhancement of the technological aspects and of both technology and know-how transfer, on the results of the collaboration between large enterprises and SMEs in terms of driving force for the strategic development of the project and of the entrepreneurial strategies of SMEs in particular.


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