Joint Laboratory CyberTooth

The Joint Laboratory focused on cybersecurity between CIPI and Gruppo SIGLA, funded on April 2020 finally found a name: “CyberTooth”. Aiming at promoting a proactive approach towards cyber-security challenges, its choice was based on creating a pun between the term “cyber-security” and “sabertooth” that was a very aggressive prehistoric animal (by chance anciently present on the Mediterranean).

Based on this concept, a logo has been designed and an officiale website was published in Italian and English languages. The website, available at, presents objectives, actions and actors working for the laboratory.

In parallel, as part of the laboratory and in collaboration with University of Genova and University of Padova several activities were designed and planned for the following months. In particular, it worths quoting:

  • writing and submission of a European project proposal on Blockchain usage for fake news fighting;
  • preparation for EdgeIoT Conference to be held on December 2021;
  • organization of 4 webinars as part of the cybersecurity and Software Engineering courses of University of Padova: Gruppo SIGLA experts will perform them on April and May 2021;
  • internships and Thesis collaborations performed for students of the Universities of Genova and Padova.
Other actions are under design and in progress for the months to come.


Administrative Data

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