ITSM project for banking services

An important Gruppo SIGLA’s Customer, represented by a leading group of digital payments in Italy, has entrusted us with a substantial expansion and technological renewal of the iET ITSM service management system by iET Solutions, already supported for many years by Gruppo SIGLA to manage customer service processes (banks, individuals, companies) within the Payments, Digital Banking, Issuing and Merchant Services areas.

The project therefore assumes the dual purpose of providing for the technological adaptation to the new reference standards (technical and application) and the provision of new features for system users, who are over 1700 nominal and manage an average of 4500 tickets/day.

In particular, the project consists of a phase of functional and technical analysis with the business and IT to produce the requirements that make up the entire supply through a document of agreed guidelines, relating to the method of implementation of the developments and, to follow, by two implementation macrophases with intermediate releases, to allow users to be able to take advantage of the new system and new features as soon as possible. Among the main elements of improvement are:

  • the migration of core processes and integrations with third parties currently present
  • the rationalization and unification of configuration data
  • the development of new integrations through native web services
  • integration with the telephone bar and integrations with widgets, mail and callback
  • the configuration and implementation of OLA (Operational Level Agreement) and SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • the creation of a new assistance portal for Banks, through the "SelfService" module of iET ITSM
  • the migration of open tickets


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