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On September Truth Seekers Chain (aka TSC) website and logo were designed by the web & graphics team of Gruppo SIGLA. The website illustrates the objectives and the development and innovation drivers leading the project, result of the collaboration between CIPI and Gruppo SIGLA colleagues, as part of the joint laboratory CyberTooth.

TSC is a project started on June 2021, funded by the European Union within the context of the Horizon 2020 programme with the first Open Call by Trublo project. TSC aims at designing a methodology and implementing an open ecosystem, to provide useful tools to tackle spreading of fake news and tampered contents generated by users on social media and the internet.

During the summer the first outcome of the project was submitted and approved by the Trublo consortium. This is deliverable D1.1, a document presenting an indepth analysis of TSC objectives and workplan, together with a first detailing of architectural and functional aspects. From the beginning of August 2021 TSC team is working on the analysis of fundamental aspects of market and stakeholders, necessary to design a business development strategy for the methodology and software under design. Moreover, the elicitation of functional and nonfunctional requirements is in progress to design the methodology’s and ecosystem’s architectures.

All the results of the work of these last months will be submitted in a second deliverable, D1.2, at the beginning of November 2021. Trublo consortium is supporting the TSC team activities by providing webinar sessions on Blockchain technologies to be considered for the project implementations, as Alastria, partner of Trublo consortium.


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