Online workshop on disinformation and fake-news

On 29th March 2022 Gruppo SIGLA (a company of Relatech Group) and CIPI will discuss together with the consortium of the Trublo project and with representatives of global media industry - such as Thomson Reuters and Deutsche Welle - about fake news, their impact on society, of practices adopted to contrast misformation and regarding the ongoing researches to adopt novel digital technologies to fight against disinformation.

This workshop will be performed online as public event organized by Gruppo SIGLA. This event is part of the company collaboration with TruBlo and the CyberTooth laboratory along with the activities of Truth Seekers Chain (TSC) project.

After an initial introduction focused on the context of the TruBlo project, the workshop will proceed with a speech by Deutsche Welle, providing an overview of the relationship between the media industry and fake news. Then, Thomson Reuters will talk about fact-checking practices and information quality practices adopted by the organization.

These speeches will be followed by short presentations of project activities funded by TruBlo for contrasting the phenomenon of fake news, in particular the TSC, FAKE, TrueBees and OttCT projects. A short debate will close the event, moderated by colleagues of Deutsche Welle.

Once more, we want to underline that TSC is a project started on June 2021, funded by the European Union within the context of the Horizon 2020 programme with the first Open Call by Trublo project. TSC aims at designing a methodology and implementing an open ecosystem to provide useful tools to fight the spread of fake news and of tampered contents generated by users on social media and the internet.


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