As a certified Microsoft partner, Gruppo SIGLA supports its customers in the implementation of projects that use Power BI, the new Business Intelligence and Data Analysis tool released by Microsoft.

Power BI is one of the best known Business Intelligence platforms and offers business users very useful tools for modeling, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. Power BI's user interface and features are intuitive enough for users familiar with Excel, and its deep integration with other Microsoft products makes it an extremely versatile tool. Users can download the application for Windows 10, called Power BI Desktop and native mobile apps for Windows, Android and iOS devices.

This tool for the processing of business data has a wide range of particularly interesting functions, for example the structuring of queries, following the same logical principle as databases, or the pivot functionality, which consists in a modeling of information similar to that typical of Excel, and finally the visualization of the data received through particularly efficient online sharing systems. Power BI also allows you to model data through structures oriented to the same, managing to model them in an iterative way and with maximum agility and effectiveness. Agile data modeling, in fact, consists in the structuring of data inputs using processes such as Agile Modeling, UML and typical SQL queries. Based on the user's needs, operations on the information provided to the Business Intelligence System can also be performed from different platforms, thanks to the ability to send and receive data online. The editor also allows considerable customization of the graphs that must represent the data and estimates relating to them.

The main advantages of using Power BI are:

Ease of use
Data can be easily modeled and visualized, custom reports can be created with your own KPIs and branding. The queries can also be posed in a discursive manner and thanks to the Artificial Intelligence engine the answers are fast.


Use of Big Data
Big Data can be easily managed by connecting to all your data sources with the scalability to analyze, share and promote insights across the entire organization, while maintaining data accuracy, consistency and security.


Collaboration functionality
Collaboration between users on the same data is managed, allows you to work jointly on reports and share insights between popular Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Teams and Excel, giving everyone in your organization the ability to quickly make decisions based on data that favors strategic actions.



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