Gruppo SIGLA has been collaborating for several years with the company Waycom in the sector of voice technologies applied to telephony by integrating their various products into its solutions. Waycom is a company that operates in the market of advanced speech technologies, which make it possible to make interaction and computer-user dialogue more natural and effective, integrating the most advanced speech recognition and synthesis technologies. Since its inception in 1999, the company has proved to be very sensitive to technological developments and has set its business on the study and implementation of modern solutions based on voice technologies.

In recent years Waycom has developed its own technological platform, called "TEMPEST", capable of making the technologies of the various manufacturers in the sector easily usable by providing the end user and the software integrator with simple interfaces and tools. effective. The integrated technologies are multi-vendor (independent from the manufacturer) and multilingual both for speech recognition (Automatic Speech Recognition) and for speech synthesis (Text to Speech). In addition to being based on a “multi-tier” software architecture, the platform provides for the distribution of voice resources on the local network or in the cloud, allowing high scalability in terms of competing voice channels as well as very high reliability and availability. Graphic interfaces and "wizards" guide the operator in designing the interaction flows between the telephone platform and the end user. The applications that make up the Tempest platform are:

  • Speech Portal IVR : Tempest Speech Portal is the graphic generator of voice portals of the Tempest platform.
  • “Auto Attendant” virtual receptionist : Tempest Auto Attendant is a virtual receptionist based on voice recognition able to satisfy the main telephone call sorting functions.
  • Call Center : The Tempest Call Center solution provides for integration with Voip or traditional telephone exchanges if equipped with a CTI-link Tapi interface.
  • “Dialer” call generator : Tempest Dialer is able to make massive automatic telephone calls, with dynamic contents.
  • Call Surfer Call Recorder : Tempest Call Surfer records telephone calls to and from telephone exchanges.


  • Software automatic responder with integrated voice technologies (ASR and TTS) and traditional IVR functionality (DTMF and File Wave).
  • Control panel and call flow configurator based on multilingual graphic interface.
  • Single channel version in “free” version downloadable directly from the site.
  • Independent of the voice technologies adopted (Multi-Vendor).
  • Speech recognition and synthesis technologies in “free” version (Italian plus 25 other languages).
  • Data integration through direct database access (ODBC Driver), web interface, XML data exchange and network via TCP Socket.
  • Integration with Wildix solutions via SIP protocol.
  • Possibility of using the VBScript programming language within the stream call.
  • Virtual switchboard solution with voice recognition and web interface in the versions: PMI (from 2 to 150 users ), Companies and PA (from 100 to 10,000 users).
  • Graphs, Lists and Statistical Dashboards accessible via web interface.
  • Available in the following ways:
    1) Licensing of use 2) Appliance Hardware 3) Fee-based service (SaaS model) 4) Cloud service (PaaS model)


Administrative Data

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