Gruppo SIGLA has entered into an important partnership with the company USU Software AG (one of the largest manufacturers of software for the management of IT services and organizational knowledge at European level), for some of the portfolio solutions that refer to the Service Management area. USU provides software and service solutions for IT and customer service management, which enable companies to respond to the changing needs of today's digitalized workplace, facilitating smarter services, optimized work and better collaboration. Furthermore, all solutions can be provided either in on-premise mode or in SaaS mode, in the high-performance cloud.

The USU IT Service Management (ITSM) system is a world-leading product that supports enterprises with complete ITIL-compliant solutions for strategic and operational IT & Enterprise Service Management. With this solution, customers organize all service processes, ensure full transparency on the costs of their services and their IT infrastructure, and consequently can efficiently plan, control and account for their services.

In order to manage software costs, USU's Software Asset Management, (USU SAM formerly Aspera) , provides solutions and services from a single source: an advantage that sets it apart from other providers. Based on the knowledge of all company contracts and software licenses, total transparency, optimization of consumption in SaaS and data centers, the system helps to manage the software in perfect efficiency in hybrid environments, generating cost savings. in the short and long term and mitigating legal and financial risks.

USU IT Service Management (ITSM) is a modular, scalable and evolving suite of products, integrated and compliant with ITIL, which is used in the IT sector of medium and large companies and by IT service providers. But USU ITSM is also used in other service areas, for example in Personnel Management, Facility Management and Field Service Management. USU ITSM is one of the few Service Management solutions in the world that has earned the highest level of certification possible among internationally recognized organizations and which boasts the highest Pink Elephant certified ITIL compliance on as many as 16 processes, covering standard ITSM processes plus additional service areas across the business. The assistance management is also completed by a powerful solution for the "Mobile" IT Service Desk, which allows the external team to work when they are traveling, using an app for smartphones and tablets where tickets and resources can be processed. inventory, even offline when a mobile network connection is not available. With the help of an AI-based algorithm, the solution automatically assigns service requests to field service technicians and optimizes travel routes based on various criteria such as required skills, assigned locations, service equipment and spare parts in stock. Based on FLS GmbH's VISITOUR technology, the field service function also monitors all available resources and needs and calculates the optimal use of resources, both in service and logistics.

The offer for IT Services includes:
IT Service Desk   IT Self-Service Management   IT Service Catalog & SLA   IT Asset Management   IT Change & Config. Management   IT Financial Management   IT & Business Service Monitoring   IT Analytics & Process Optimization   Knowledge Management fot IT   IT Service Portfolio & Service Design   Hybrid Cloud Management

Mentre l’offerta per I Servizi non IT è composta da:
HR services   Facility Mgmt. services Financial services   Corporate services   Marketing services   GDPR services

USU's SAM (Software Asset Management) product is an indispensable element for optimizing costs and reducing audit risks in the IT environment. For over twenty years, USU's Software Asset Management has been optimizing software and cloud licenses to top the Global Fortune 500 annual ranking. The solution, designed for organizations with large numbers of employees and equipped with data center on a global scale, is easily scalable up or down in complex IT environments. The SAM of USU solution becomes immediately operational, through direct integration with the tools and systems already available, so implementation and distribution take place smoothly and safely. For greater flexibility, the solution can be hosted in the USU cloud or run “on-premise” in the Customer's data center.


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