Gruppo SIGLA, always active in the development of document management solutions, has expanded its offerings in this area, signing a partnership with Faber System.

Thanks to this agreement we are able to develop and deploy applications based on WAM 3.0, the advanced platform that digitises business processes. WAM 3.0 is the latest release of the integrated platform WAM (Web Archive Management) for Archiving, Legal Conservation, Workflow Management and Multichannel Document Delivery that allow to perform the digitalization and the Legal Conservation of any document format, by removing paper and reducing search and management costs. WAM, fully web accessible, without any impact on company structure, simplifies and automates any document process.

La piattaforma è costituita da un insieme integrato di moduli con le seguenti funzionalità:

  • E-Archiving and Legal Conservation of documents with various levels of security (encryption, administration of the log, etc ..)
  • Electronic generation of oOrders/Lists/DDT in Europe
  • Mobile management of travel and expense reports
  • Electronic invoicing integrated to Legal Conservation
  • Workflow Management powered by KPI
  • Automatic management of the passive cycle integrated with the company ERP
  • Advanced electronic signature solutions
  • EDI services and solutions

All features are available in Cloud mode and On Premise.


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