Power plants automation

In collaboration with a prestigious multinational company, leader in power and automation technologies, we have been involved in power plant renewing activities of Enel Green Power. Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company dedicated to the development and management of the generation of energy from renewable sources. In 2014 the adoption of the latest technologies involved, among others, six plants in Lombardy and one in Tuscany. The revamping program was continued during 2015.

The plants were equipped with automation systems from the 70s-80s, based on obsolete technologies: operating in pure sequence without operator interface, they were not able to provide feedbacks, reports, performance and predictive analysis. It was therefore decided to submit them to automations interventions in order to extend their life, also providing them with the latest connection technologies and restoring the group speed adjustment function, topical again since the new energy market requires high performance even with smaller systems.


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