National Award for innovation in ICT

Gruppo Sigla was among the sponsors of the National Award for innovation in ICT Perotto-Zucca. Last April, were announced the winners as part of the "Life Tech Forum. Innovation and technology at the service of Life Science". In particular, regarding the award, there was the presence of all the ten finalists of the 40 applications submitted by young people under 32, who, thanks to the availability and foresight of the Sponsors, received special mentions and - the four winners - contributions for a total of 22,000 Euros. The four winning projects, selected by the Evaluation Commission, are:

  • 1º GluControl
    Aim of this project is to create a system totally non-invasive, low-cost, easy-to-use, wearable, able to help people with diabetes mellitus (the most common type of the disease) to keep under control their glucose levels at any time of the day through accurate and repeatable measurements
  • 2º MindBook
  • 3º Smart Rainfall System
  • 4º Naboomboo

Furthermore, Rinascimenti Sociali selected MindBook and TocTherapy recognizing them a special mention..


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