SITE - Intelligent Systems for the Development of Energy Technologies

The SITE project, funded by MIUR, covers the energy sector and is based on the modern concepts of Smart Grid and Safety.

In the Smart Grid optics, the project aims to define innovative methodologies for monitoring, diagnosing and optimizing an electrical grid, with particular attention to the acquisition, transmission and processing of energy consumption and production data in a small power grid size, in order to optimize the relationship between self-produced energy and energy purchased from the network. In Safety, however, SITE focuses on the implementation of an integrated system for the management of nuclear waste, generated by the plants during their normal operation, by using new intelligent and remoted systems.

As part of the project, Gruppo SIGLA research, in partnership with partners such as the University of Genoa, Smart Grid Campus in Savona and Leonardo, focused mainly on the following activities:

  • Data processing from thermal storage to obtain information on their charging conditions: micro-controllers-based platforms such as Arduino have been used in this activity in order to implement a system that collects data from different sensors is able to estimate the remaining storage charge.
  • Reporting Energy Situation of a Distributed Micro-Generation Center: in this activity has implemented the interface of a Decision Support System for Government and decision support that can sustain the definition of Energy Savings policies.


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