Gruppo SIGLA Ltd is a private Genoese company, consisting of about 80 technicians with high skill and experience in Information Technology, which designs and develops software solutions for companies and public institutions: working mainly for large Customers with offices in Genoa, in the rest of Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our company profile we are able to combine experience and innovation, creating projects that aim at complete customer satisfaction, which is continuously measured through the main performance indicators (KPI) of business processes. Particular attention is also paid to actions aimed at ensuring the introduction and dissemination of principles of ethical behavior within the company.

Our skills cover the different phases of an ICT project (from analysis to design, from implementing to commissioning, as well as consulting, training and support) and are subdivided into 9 different application areas:

  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial Automation
  • ITSM
  • IT Security
  • IT Services
  • Software Development
  • Training
Gruppo SIGLA Genova | Skills and Technologies


We have a thorough knowledge of a wide range of sectors, thanks to the experience gained over time and the realization of specific and transversal solutions, suitable also for different sectors. The offer is complemented by a division dealing with Research and Innovation, in order to maintain skills and to encourage our Customers to a constant growth. We are also resellers of some products (both hardware and software) of which we ourselves are users. Among these, some were made internally, while others are the result of partnerships with leading international companies..

We are associated to Distretto SIIT - Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati e Tecnologie, to Distretto DLTM - Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine, to Polo EASS - Energia, Ambiente, Sviluppo Sostenibile, to Polo Transit - Tecnologie e Ricerca Network Sicurezza ed Intermodalità nei Trasporti, to Polo PLSV - Polo Ligure Scienze della Vita, to Polo SOSIA - Gestione dei rischi ambientali, Cybersecurity delle infrastrutture critiche, Sistemi innovativi ICT per la Fabbrica Intelligente ed Automazione, and to Security and optimization of strategic infrastructures 4.0 Competency Center START 4.0

Furthermore we work with leading University Departments and research centers for the design and implementation of highly innovative systems. We are, also, one of the founding members of DIXET, the association "Distretto Elettronica e Tecnologie Avanzate" and we participated in the foundation of the Istituto Superiore per l’ICT (ISICT). We are represented in the Board of Directors of Association CTI Liguria (Club Tecnologie Informatiche della Liguria) and FIDA Inform (Federazione Nazionale Associazioni di ICT).



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Mission, Values and Objectives

Gruppo SIGLA believes that the allocation and dissemination of a mission, a system of values and a series of objectives to be achieved are steps indispensable for establishing and communicating a corporate identity, providing a route and indicating a horizon. Thanks to this, we are able to transform our vision of the future into a system of decisions and choices that give a precise content to the corporate action. This system, with the support of principles, tools and methodologies, acts as a guide and orientation for the members of the organization and allows the effective implementation of the activities and management processes.

Provide qualified consultancy and services on technologies and business processes of the Customer.

For Gruppo SIGLA it is most significant the Customer's satisfaction, that is the focus and the goal around which all business processes were designed. It also focuses on the value of staff to promote professional continuing growth. In particular, the entire staff of Gruppo SIGLA operates according to the rules defined by the Company's quality manual, in accordance with ISO 9001 certification.

In the area of ICT solutions, design and implement for the Customer solutions that provide a high added value and be recognized as expert, innovative and reliable suppliers. Strengthen the offer in IT Service Management and extend the proposition of Best Practice to other business processes.

In the area of Automation, confirm the role of key partners for the provision of design, configuration, development and commissioning services for market-leading Companies in the Energy, Steel, Transportation, Logistics, Petrochemical and expand the actions of other sectors.

In the area of Research and Development, direct the activities in order to develop innovative proposals in our strategic areas, and simultaneously promote knowledge in new technological sectors by our technicians.