Gruppo SIGLA is in a strategic partnership with Rulex Inc., a company headquartered in Boston, MA, with development facilities in Genoa, Italy. The company is a finalist in the MIT Innovation Showcase as an outstanding early stage company providing cutting edge solutions.

Rulex is an analytics software company providing algorithms and tools in a complete platform for data discovery, machine learning, and prediction through its unique Logic Learning Machine, based on groundbreaking academic and government research. Unlike the classic predictive analysis, the prescriptive model allows for the generation of a fully understandable model, enabling the business with powerful hints about the most effective actions to reach the desired goal.

Gruppo SIGLA has all the technical skills required to build complete solutions or to provide support to the Customer while defining the most descriptive and effective models.

Some Rulex Applications by Industries:

  • Banking
    Churn in Retail Banks
    Consumer Behavior
    Investments forecasting
  • Insurance
    Fraud detection
    Customer Behavior
    Churn Analysis
  • Healthcare
    Neuroblastoma Diagnosis Support
    Quality of live in chronical patients
    Explaining drug/alcohol dependences
  • Industrial Plants
    Preventive Maintenance
    Network optimization
  • Telco
    Churn Analysis
  • Retail
    Shrinkage Analytics
    Customer Behavior
    Assortment Optimization
    Automatic discounts
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
    Demand forecast during promotions
    New product introduction
    Seasonality Clustering
  • Automotive
    Clustering by Driver’s Behavior
    Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy
    Network Optimization
    Predictive maintenance
  • Security
    Anomaly detection


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