In a market characterized by continuous technological developments, Gruppo SIGLA is engaged in intensive research and technology transfer activity for the development of innovative solutions and products, through the business unit Research and Innovation. This B.U. took part, along with industries, universities and research centers from European countries, to feasibility studies and research projects, within which are mainly carried out activities involving in industrial and applied research. These activities allow Gruppo SIGLA to refine its scientific and technological skills, acquiring, in this way, additional tools to deepen the knowledge and the exploitation of modern ICT technologies.

The international environment and the themes on which Gruppo SIGLA places the focus of its research, allow the company to increase its competitiveness through an increasingly broader technological and technological transfer offer, also translating into a further strengthening of its position in the ICT market, already consolidated by years of activity and experience. Some of the research topics addressed are: Internet Of Things and cloud based architectures, technological standards and mHealth applications, WBAN - Wireless Body Area Network, SDN (Software Defined Networking), safety technologies in the automotive sector, techniques for security and privacy, operational oceanography, operational oceanography.

With regard to Cybersecurity issues, Gruppo SIGLA and CIPI "Interuniversity Research Center on Computer Platform Engineering" have created a Joint Laboratory. This collaboration aims to deepen the cooperation between university and company by carry-ing out both research activities in this area and activating virtuous processes of technology transfers and knowledge sharing for enriching both parties via constant dialogue between their components - involving technicians, researchers, students, managers. Taking advantage of the convergence between research and industry, the objective is also to promote the joint participation both to funded projects (e.g. actual Horizon 2020 and the forthcoming Horizon Europe) and to spin-offs and start-ups to promote young graduates and PhDs entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, in order to develop skills on issues related to Data Science and eXplainable AI, Gruppo SIGLA from 2021 is a sponsor of DataScienceSeed, a non-profit association fostering and spreading knowledge about this matter by means of online events and much more.

Gruppo SIGLA has also joined the Association of Competence Center for Strategic Infrastructure Security and Optimization "Start 4.0" , which is one of the eight highly specialized national competence centers dedicated to the issues of Industry 4.0, planned and financed by the Ministry of Economic Development. In order to consolidate the scientific and technical relations, Gruppo SIGLA is also a member of the following Technological Districts and Poles:

  • Distretto SIIT - Sistemi Intelligenti Integrati e Tecnologie
  • Distretto DLTM - Distretto Ligure delle Tecnologie Marine
  • Polo SOSIA - Gestione dei rischi ambientali, Cybersecurity delle infrastrutture critiche, Sistemi innovativi ICT per la Fabbrica Intelligente ed Automazione
  • Polo EASS - Energia, Ambiente, Sviluppo Sostenibile
  • Polo PLSV - Polo Ligure Scienze della Vita
  • Polo TRANSIT - Tecnologie e Ricerca Network Sicurezza ed Intermodalità nei Trasporti
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Intervention Areas

Gruppo SIGLA is committed to several projects dedicated to the resolution of particular application problems in specific areas.


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