IoT Catalyst is a software that aims to achieve greater efficiency, greater control and greater savings in the management of complex networks, asset-intensive infrastructures and industrial plants.

IoT Catalyst is the ideal solution where you want to manage both IoT DevOps and IoT Device Management activities, according to the Edge Computing paradigm , for a vast fleet of devices, even heterogeneous ones, from a single control point.

All onboarding, supervision, updating, program dispatching, application management and decommissioning activities are in fact made available from a single command and control environment, and are able to operate even in the absence of a dedicated network infrastructure.

Today IoT Catalyst is the currently most referenced IoT software company in Italy in the Edge Computing panorama, working with Olivetti on TIM and INWIT (formerly TIM and former Vodafone telecommunications towers), with SIELTE in Open Fiber, framework collaboration contract with Siram-Veolia for the management of BEMS and an industrial partnership for the monitoring of ASCOT equipment worldwide.

IoT Catalyst is currently the core technology integrated into the most important Building Management Systems currently active in Italy and specific for the Telco world.

To enrich the Edge Computing offer and confirm the profound knowledge of the subject with an end to end approach, there is also a proprietary IoT Edge Computer, the IoT Catalyst Edge XT, always made in Italy, currently in operation in over 7500 examples.


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