The need to integrate IT and OT networks and to protect both from increasingly sophisticated attacks in specific sectors has led Gruppo Sigla to establish a partnership with Infoblox. In a world where connectivity is omnipresent and unstructured and the perimeters to be protected are increasingly indefinite, the difficulty of managing systems while maintaining security is a difficult challenge. Infoblox offers advanced networking solutions to deal with and solve some specific related problems.

Through the Infoblox products, Gruppo SIGLA is able to offer DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management) that optimize systems and increase the level of security in areas that are rarely protected from other countermeasures.

In the field of security, DNS-based attacks are the fastest growing attack vector, also because common solutions (firewalls, IPS) are not designed to be protected from them. And DNS is an essential service that you can't do without. These attacks can block systems, redirect traffic to malicious sites, exfiltrate data or in general expose the business to unexpected risks. Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection is a system designed to cover this exposed security area. Through it is possible:

  • Eliminate blocking of DNS systems due to volumetric attacks (DDOS and other volumetric attacks)
  • Significantly improve defenses, through threat detection rules that allow identifying threats as they are made public by different sources of threat intelligence
  • Via a control panel, act quickly when attacks are in progress

In this context, Infoblox is the only solution on the market that covers such a wide range of attacks on DNS systems.

DDI services are one of the most difficult network subsystems to manage, in a world with private clouds on premises, hybrid and public clouds, requests for unmanageable IP addresses for the massive use of IoT and other devices, SDN, NFV, the use of IPv6. The workload is increasing, and the security threats related to DDI services are increasing.

Infoblox applications and appliances in the DDI environment optimize and centralize services by integrating with cloud and virtualization platforms. With Infoblox DDI it is possible:

  • Consolidate DNS, DHCP and IP address management on a single platform, installed on-site and with a centralized console
  • Improve the performance of cloud-based applications in the case of branch offices and remote sites
  • Have reports and analysis tools available to carry out capacity planning, asset management, compliance and auditing controls


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