In order to expand the proposal in the Security, Gruppo SIGLA has partnered with the Airbus Defense and Space Group Company, Stormshield, based in France, the world leader in designing IT security systems that can boast hundreds of thousands of installations on a global scale., the world leader in designing IT security systems that boast hundreds of thousands of installations on a global scale. Specifically, the solutions offered concern network security (Stormshield Network Security), data (Stormshield Data Security) and workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security). These are all new generation solutions, certified at the highest levels in Europe, able to provide the highest protection for all strategic information assets.

It is particularly interesting for those who want to upgrade their infrastructure according to Industry 4.0 guidelines, the ability to secure the industrial environments and SCADAs for Gruppo SIGLA has been providing design, development and commissioning services for years.

The main components of the Stormshield offer are:

Stormshield Network Security
Stormshield Network Security offers the modularity and functionality required for an ever-evolving information system, and is based on a new approach that eliminates threats that systematically overcome traditional security systems. SNS solutions are based on the concept of Multi-layer Collaborative Security. This holistic model is based on active collaboration between the security engines of various Stormshield solutions and represents the future of information systems protection. The technologies used are certified to the highest standards in Europe (EU RESTRICTED, NATO RESTRICTED, EAL4 +, ANSSI QUALIFICATION) and provide an adequate level of protection for strategic data, even to companies and organizations with the highest confidentiality requirements. Moreover SNS products are a key part of ensuring compliance with standards, regulations, and norms for limiting access (PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, Data Protection Act, etc.).


Stormshield Data Security
The most relevant resources and information in an organization are today exposed to situations that favor loss or theft. With the increase in cloud-based applications and the mobility of employees using the most diverse clients, and with the growth of outsourced infrastructure, exposure to the risks involved in sharing information increases. This naturally has a huge impact on real costs for organizations. Stormshield Data Security allows you to create a secure collaboration space, regardless of the medium (email, USB sticks, etc.), the terminal (computers, smartphones, tablets) and the application (collaborative, intranet, shared networks, etc). An environment where privacy is the first rule and access is only allowed to explicitly authorized personnel. Inside, all data is encrypted and managed through collaboration portals like Microsoft Sharepoint. Specifically for any business needs and transparent for users, SDS protects any project intuitively and quickly.


Stormshield Endpoint Security
Nowadays computer attacks are increasingly advanced and complex. Threats that are no longer limited to corporate networks, but also affect SCADA environments and other areas of industrial networks where the potential impact is enormous (risks of physical damage, shutdown of the production line, etc.). Stormshield Endpoint Security is an easy-to-integrate solution that is compatible with any anti-virus software that is already implemented, and can provide you with the required additional security level and also support older-style operating systems such as Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP. It is adaptable to off-line environments: all environments, that is, which by their nature are not connected to the web, such as the Scada installations of industrial systems. In fact, its proactive approach keeps the infrastructure secure without the need for updates to signature databases. It can also enable cloud based security: the SES management server can be installed indifferently on a public or private cloud infrastructure, enabling easy security integration, without constraint on hardware constraints.



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