Gruppo SIGLA has found in Optilogix an innovative and competitive OEM partner in voice recording technology, but also able to listen, understand and act reactively to the needs of our Customers.

OptiLogix is the leading European manufacturer of OEM hardware for the industry of TDM and IP voice recording interfaces. Optilogix is an internationally oriented company, with its own R&D and manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, specializing in the design and manufacture of hardware technology to serve the call recording industry. OptiLogix offers a wide range of passive tap voice recording interfaces for analog and digital extensions, as well as for BRI (ISDN-2), E1 / T1 (PRI-ISDN) and SIP. As OptiLogix focuses 100% on call and voice recording hardware, the product portfolio available is the largest in the industry and includes USB, PCI, PCI Express and LAN compatible products covering the broad range of TDM interfaces for telecommunications.

Optilogix offers the industry's broadest range of voice recording hardware devices to non-intrusively intercept and record analog telephone lines, TDM trunks such as Basic Rate ISDN (BRI) and Primary Rate ISDN (PRI), E1 lines , T1 and SIP VoIP. These devices not only interface with a wide range of analog, TDM and VoIP infrastructures, but also interface in many different ways with recording servers via USB, PCI (Express) or Ethernet.

OptiLogix OEM Voice Recording Cards provide powerful capabilities for building Advanced Voice Recording Systems to meet the needs of all customers. Voice recording is a general term that includes telephony recording (call recording) but also mobile radio conversation recording, air traffic control conversations and acoustic audio recording using microphones.

Optilogix provides a wide range of hardware and software devices to intercept and record in a non-intrusive manner analog telephone lines, TDM trunks, both Basic Rate ISDN and Primary Rate ISDN, E1, T1 and SIP VoIP.

The OptiLogix HyperXpress and HyperPCI voice recording cards provide powerful features for creating medium and high density call recording systems and allow mixed configurations of telecommunication interfaces (internal analogue, digital, ISDN trunk lines). The OptiLogix HyperUS B and HyperUPC are suitable for the creation of portable call recording systems with small to medium number of channels. The OptiLogix HYPER Packet are instead recommended for Call Recording Systems and real-time voice analysis systems for small, medium and large enterprises with distributed and multi-site architectures and based on virtual machines. In the case of large-scale E1 / T1 PRI based very high density (TDM) call recording systems for large enterprises or in the case of applications for Lawful Interception of calls, real-time word watchers, hosted recording systems in virtual machine-based environments, we suggest the use of Optilogix HYPER Array . The OptiLogix Hyper Cloud cards are suitable for creating on-site analog, BRI, PRI and T1 based call recording systems combined with storage, management, cloud-based speech analysis, search and playback. The OptiLogix Hyper Cloud .SIP cards add on-site recording of SIP calls to all previous features. OptiLogix HyperWall network-controlled devices provide powerful capabilities for building next-generation fraud detection and prevention systems for PBXs connected to Basic Rate or Primary Rate ISDN trunks. HyperWall devices can also be used for Call Center quality monitoring in real time. 

Regarding the software, OptiLogix HyperSIP is a software module for recording VoIP calls on SIP trunks also hosted with medium and large number of channels, which is fully integrated in the HyperAPI and is also fully supported by HyperEngine. OptiLogix HyperAPI is a highly efficient, generic DLL-based API for all OptiLogix hardware devices. The OptiLogix HyperEngine is based on the HyperAPI and is a complete and powerful stand-alone call recording engine.


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