Our range of hardware and software products for the Environmental Monitoring is largely based on the products of REMTECH Company with offices in France and USA, which produces and maintains the Doppler Sodar systems and RASS (Radio Acoustic Sounding System)..

We also developed SMART 3, an innovative and comprehensive software solution for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring and generation of statistical reports, in accordance with the Ministerial regulations governing the emission of dust and harmful gases into the atmosphere by industrial plants. Among other things you can analyze the data related to the workplace, such as ambient noise and the presence of acidic aerosols. SMART allows you to interface with various hardware monitoring systems and is therefore suitable for use on all plants that can result in air emissions. Is a great way to get the data used in order to obtain the certification of conformity to the UNI EN ISO 14001/2004 if combined with other traditional or advanced type detection systems, suitable for the monitoring of other pollutants.


In particular the services offered to Companies are:

  • Systems for the calculation of the thermal inversion of the turbulence in the atmosphere
  • Dust emissions monitoring
  • Harmful gas emissions monitoring
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Reports generation in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001/2004, internationally recognized for identifying the characteristics of a "management system" oriented to the preservation and protection of the environment


The Sodar REMTECH remotely measures the vertical profile of speed and wind direction, thermal stratification and turbulence parameters (sigma W and Sigma Theta) at heights of up to 400, 700 and 3000mt depending on the sodar model used. The Sodar REMTECH is distinguished by the type of "phased array" antenna, which allows the use of a single antenna element, instead of three (one for each component of speed), and by the use of more acoustic frequencies simultaneously, instead of only one.

The RASS REMTECH is a complement of sodar, exploiting the coupling of acoustic technology with the electromagnetic force, allowing the detection of the vertical profiles of temperature and intensity of the thermal gradient. The electromagnetic wave frequency used is 1290 MHz and is able to provide measurements up to 1,500 meters above the ground.

SMART 3 is an innovative and comprehensive software solution for Real-Time Environmental Monitoring and generation of statistical reports. In particular enables the acquisition and processing of:

  • Data from detection control units distributed on the territory
  • Data from continuos analyzers of emissions
  • Meteorological data
  • Data from other tools, user-defined, which may be available on the site
Key capabilities of the solution are:
  • System Monitoring in Real Time and Data Analysis
  • Monitoring of the working environment and manual data entry:
  • Creating Reports


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