To expand the Cybersecurity offer, the SIGLA Group has recently entered into a partnership with Wallix Group, the European leader in the management of privileged access or "Privileged Access Management (PAM)". PAM helps identify privileged accounts, eliminate credential theft, and collect verification information. This partnership is aimed at covering the growing need for companies to centralize and protect access to critical systems, both by internal users and by external consultants.

WALLIX Bastion is a software suite that strengthens the security of internal or remote access to critical corporate resources. Critical resources, such as servers, applications, network devices, or databases are usually hosted in a dedicated, physically isolated area, making it necessary to provide secure remote access.

WALLIX Bastion is positioned as a proxy within an infrastructure, between users and assets to be reached. It provides several critical security mechanisms to ensure accountability of people accessing digital assets. Giving the right person access to the right systems / data, at the right time, for the right task. The WALLIX Bastion allows secure access to critical resources (Unix / Linux servers, Windows, network devices), client / server or web applications and OT equipment. The solution consists of five functional modules:

  • Session Manager, a module to control and grant privileged access, also protecting the passwords of resources. This module also facilitates collaboration between users with the ability to share and record sessions. The protection of target systems is guaranteed by multiple mechanisms, including in particular the "Session Probe": a patented WALLIX technology that implements an ephemeral agent within a session.
  • Password Manager, a module for implementing password hardening and rotation policies for critical systems. It allows you to strengthen the security of the system regarding the modification and manipulation of passwords and to prevent the risk of password usurpation.
  • Access Manager , provides multi-tenant, secure and unique web access to critical systems for external users. The Access Manager also allows you to aggregate the data recorded by multiple Bastion instances and to balance the load towards different Bastion clusters. It therefore allows external access without requiring the configuration and maintenance of a VPN.
  • AAPM , a local agent for workstations or servers that automatically provides credentials to processes, programs and scripts. The AAPM allows you to eliminate passwords written in clear code and to enable secure provisioning of DevOps.
  • PEDM is an agent protection that allows you to control the execution of operations and block processes and applications that are not relevant to user activity.


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