In the continuous search for innovative solutions able to satisfy the needs of Customers, Gruppo SIGLA has activated a strategic partnership with DVR Italia , for the CRM solution called Wasabi. This partnership is aimed at covering the growing need of companies to centralize and protect access to critical systems, both by internal users and by external consultants.

Wasabi is a complete application suite for managing the relationship with your market that favors the increase in customer value from a multi-channel perspective. The suite grows together with the Customer's business and each module is extremely specialized to meet the specific need. Wasabi allows ample parameter configurability on all modules to allow full autonomy on frequently updated activities. The tool is user friendly, has an attractive but simple interface, which guarantees a smooth learning curve. The suite is fully developed in HTML5 and is able to integrate with other systems by exposing standard APIs through access tokens and the possibility of developing custom APIs, for the management of specific requests. Accessibility by "role", which can be managed independently by the client, also guarantees to vary the depth of analysis and display of the sections and modules depending on the level of the access credentials.

The Focal Points that characterize and enhance the Wasabi solution are determined by:

  • Omnichannel.
    Wasabi offers integration of all communication platforms within a single environment to meet customer contact expectations and usability in finding information by the company
  • Scalability and Integration.
    Wasabi is a modular suite that can be easily configured on the basis of the type of data processed and the information that you want to track and monitor. Wasabi integrates with the Customer's other systems
  • Document Archiving.
    Through DVR BOX, Wasabi securely manages the archiving, use and retention of documents in GDPR compliant mode. The data on the DVR BOX is managed in the Cloud and is always encrypted, both during transmission activities and when it is stored
  • Multichannel Coordinator.
    Wasabi centrally manages the dispatching of the events to be managed, whether they are interactions, tickets or activities / practices
  • Advanced Reporting.
    Wasabi provides different types of reporting for the use of data: dashboards, widgets and traditional reports.

Wasabi is an incrementable suite, consisting of 8 modules that fully cover the needs of a company and which can also be implemented in different phases and steps:

Wasabi Base. It is the main component of the suite and acts as a hub for the other modules. It contains all the main functions useful for a complete and in-depth management of the personal data, understood as multiple categories of contacts such as customers, competitors, partners, suppliers.
Wasabi Help Desk. It is the advanced trouble ticket management module. Attentive to user expectations in the reliability and accuracy of the proposed solutions, the Help Desk module helps to increase customer satisfaction and generate new sales opportunities by improving the company's reputation.
Wasabi Outbound. It is the management module for teleselling, telemarketing and appointment making campaigns.
Wasabi Task & Folder. It is the module dedicated to the management of practices, workflows and activities. The configuration of the Kanban or Funnel workflows and the definition of alerts, and the progress of activities make the tool versatile and scalable.
Wasabi Marketing. The module offers a potential tool for sending notifications, communications, reports to the customer database from a multi-channel perspective and after profiling the personal data.
Wasabi Calendar. Internal or outsourced structures, which deal with making appointments, need a versatile tool capable of managing single-firm agents and centrally coordinating multi-firm agents, with specific or shared agendas.
Wasabi Accounting. It is the administrative heart of the suite, a real tool for operating budget and for the contractual and administrative management of employees and collaborators.
Wasabi Wisdom. It is an advanced knowledge base system. A perfectly integrated solution, entirely web-based, designed and built to make a platform for knowledge management available to everyone, operators and customers.


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