The Code of Ethics is the official document that contains the ethical principles, that is, the set of rights, duties and responsibilities that Gruppo SIGLA assumes towards all stakeholders, internal and external. The Code sets out the general criteria in the conduct of business and the individual and collective behavior rules that the company undertakes to adopt, implement and enforce by all its people, in order to consolidate and enhance its corporate image and reputation.

Recipients of the Code are the shareholders, directors, staff with functional/executive responsibilities, other employees, collaborators, partners and all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, establish or have established relationships with Gruppo SIGLA, operating in synergy with it in achieving its objectives. In any business relationship, all parties concerned must be informed of the principles and standards of behavior established by the Code and are required to comply with them, otherwise there will be the consequences set out in the contracts.

The requirements of the Code are consistent with regulations and corporate policies, the fulfillment of which it is assumed the duty of loyalty and diligence by employees with functional/executive responsibilities and by other employees, and the general duty of good faith required by collaborators and suppliers of goods or services. Gruppo SIGLA Ltd.:

  • commits its directors, employees with functional/executive responsibilities and other employees, collaborators and partners, each within the activities carried out exercising their functions, to base their activities, operations, transactions and, in general, all behavior, on maximum honesty and fairness, impartiality, transparency, discretion and confidentiality.
  • prohibits and punishes any behavior contrary to the principles of honesty, loyalty, good faith and honesty in relationships with Customers and business transactions, or which may, in any way, configure violation of the Code of Ethics.

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