In Energy and Petrochemical sector, Gruppo SIGLA has, within itself, expertise of more than thirty years of Industrial Automation. Some automation and software applications development for industrial processes specialists work since 1980 on the industrial automation issues, with in-depth knowledge of both functional and technological.

Gruppo SIGLA has also extensive experience with installation and commissioning of the systems, both in Italy and abroad. The technical knowledge are often made available to Customers to provide, at their offices, IT consulting services and application development support.

Our offer includes:

  • Supervision of electrical grid and network of steel plants fluids
  • Data production and distribution networks Interfaces
  • Control and supervision of monitoring network of reservoirs
  • Management Information System for desalination and power plant
  • Control and supervision of thermal power, combined cycle, wind, water and desalination plants
  • Analysis Data and Business Intelligence
  • Environmental monitoring


Administrative Data

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