Qlik Sense Enterprise is the new Qlik platform for visual analysis that supports self-service display, apps for guided analysis and dashboards, integrated analysis and reporting, all in a controlled framework that provides enterprise scalability and trust for IT. With Qlik Sense, users at all levels can give life to the analysis; you do not need any expert skills. The drag-and-drop techniques allow anyone to create eye-catching displays. The controlled libraries allow you to share and reuse data, metrics and objects. The progressive creation allows you to make them simple or sophisticated to suit your needs.

Qlik Sense is a Visual analysis software designed to meet the requirements of the user and corporate IT's because users get total flexibility and agility while the IT team maintains centralized control and governance.

The main features are:


Business users should be able to explore data and answer questions on demand without having to wait for IT to create or update the analysis. The data, however, have to be safe, reliable and consistent. Qlik Sense offers a secure governance to make this possible.
  • Shared library objects: Dimensions, measures and default views ensure the consistency of data and analysis..
  • Progressive creation: Allows you to give users additional access to create their own views, measures and data models when the level of expertise increases.
  • Managed data connections: Ensures that all applications can use data sources defined with access controlled by security rules.

Qlik Sense offers self-service creation for everybody and gives developers a quick and powerful way to create custom applications, integrated analysis and extensions using standard tools and skills sets.
  • Rapid self-service creation: The self-service easy-to-use interface allows you to create views using drag-and-drop techniques.
  • Open APIs and effective standards: Allows developers to create apps for personalized guided analysis, to integrate analyzes in web pages and in workflow applications, and to create new kinds of visualizations and analyzes to meet customized business requirements.
  • Strong data integration, including big data: Create profiles and combine data from multiple sources and systems, including internal sources, external and big data, to provide a full view and access to faster insights.

Qlik Sense has been designed for companies and offers a sophisticated centralized control and scalability.
  • Manageability:
    It offers a flexible allocation of licenses, usage tracking, and easy to use interface that allows you to save time and simplify troubleshooting.
  • Safety:
    Implements the security requirements at the enterprise level with a motor by flexible security rules, a detailed monitoring of the progressive development, more control and powerful recording.
  • Scalability:
    Support for virtualization, scalable and elastic clustering of different geographical areas enable global deployments.



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