Our offer of hardware and software products for environmental monitoring is largely based on the products of REMTECH Company based in France and the USA, which produces and maintains the Doppler Sodar systems and RASS (Radio Acoustic Sounding System).

The Sodar REMTECH system remotely measures the vertical profile of speed and wind direction, thermal stratification and turbulence parameters (sigma W and Sigma Theta) at heights of up to 400, 700 and 3000m depending on the Sodar model.

The Sodar REMTECH is distinguished by the type of "phased array antenna", which allows the use of a single antenna element, instead of three (one for each component of velocity), and by the use of more acoustic frequencies simultaneously, instead of only one. This allows, by means of an analysis automatic system of the backscattered signal that uses cross-validation of the spectral peaks, to obtain measures, under favorable conditions, up to order of a kilometer heights with low power consumption (1 acoustic watt) and an extreme lightness and antenna portability..

For the characteristics of the "phased array", and for automatic data acquisition and management the system is particularly suitable for continuous long-term monitoring of wind vertical profiles and is ideal for the evaluation of sites for wind power, airport security (wind shear revelation), for air pollution control, forecasts and surveys of risky sites (power stations).

Military organizations use Sodar in weapons development programs, for parachute operations, landing on the aircraft carrier as well as the flight tests in general.

The RASS REMTECH is a complement of sodar exploiting the coupling of acoustic technology with the electromagnetic, allowing the detection of the vertical profiles of temperature and the intensity of the thermal gradient.

The electromagnetic wave frequency used is 1290 MHz and is able to provide measurements up to 1,500 meters above the ground.

The RASS (Radio Acoustic Sounding System) meets the need of remotely getting accurate measurements and continuous vertical profiles of temperature in real time, at lower cost than alternative tools such as radio probes or captive balloons.

It can be used in environmental studies, the study of telecommunications network disorders caused by weather conditions and in all cases where it is necessary to provide the complex behavior of air masses.


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