Innovation Friendly

The phenomenon of Enterprise 4.0 has given a shock to Italian industry, transferring to companies the importance of innovating and adapting to changes to remain competitive; however, very often digital transformation is associated with a net change in tools and habits as well as important economic efforts, when in many cases only careful analysis of the contexts and new tools to be added to those already used in the organization would suffice, all at sustainable times and costs. Innovation Friendly is innovation on the part of companies: an innovative approach that accompanies companies towards a change of direction without upsetting the present, adopting a logic and technology able to integrate with the company organization in a rapid, non-invasive and above all at sustainable costs.

During the meeting we will shed light on the importance of quickly launching an effective and sustainable Digital Transformation Program; a goal that is now possible thanks to the support of BPM cloud technologies, the main "Friendly" innovation allies to quickly adapt to the evolution of the Business and maintain competitiveness over time in Enterprise 4.0. To experience the premises of a digital-oriented change, the positive experiences of two companies will be highlighted. After choosing a new way of working and cloud technologies to support their business, they have obtained various benefits on productivity by adapting with success to the changes imposed by the market.

Participation in the event, organized by Gruppo SIGLA and Openwork, is FREE, upon registration, and subject to confirmation by the Organizing Secretariat.

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